Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Mouse Pad Diablo Chairs Craft Edition

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Probably all players know Diablo Chairs from the Craft series. This expressive combination of green and white gives the computer station an individual character and makes the gameplay even more unique. Now we have created something really special for your setup - here is the SoftPad Mate ™ gaming pad in the Craft version! So if you have a Diablo X-Mate 1400 gaming desk, you can change the whole setup with one gadget.

Gaming pad - a revolution in every setup

Gaming may be white. It may even be green! Imagine your computer station having an original and new expression. Our desk mat guarantees you even more unusual emotions because it gives the whole setup an energetic and expressive character. Eachminute of  playing becomes even more unique if there is such a gaming pad on the desk!
The set also includes special stickers. It is the icing on the cake - you will change not only the top but also the legs of the desk! Diablo X-Mate 1400 in Craft version – there has never been anything like it before!

Desk mat - comfort of each game

If you have a Diablo X-Mate 1400 gaming desk in your setup, you can transform it with one gadget - the SoftPad Mate ™ Craft Edition gaming pad was created just for that! It perfectly fills the entire surface of the desk thanks to its smooth structure, you can rest your forearms comfortably, and the mouse will move extremely smoothly - just what you need during the games! Our gaming pad is perfectly matched to the desk. The overlays for the cable holes additionally ensure that the Diablo Chairs gaming pad does not slide on the tabletop. You will gain full comfort during each game.
Diablo Chairs Gaming Pad - features
Width: 140 cm
Length: 60 cm (+6 cm)