Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Mouse Pad Diablo Chairs Electric Yellow

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With the right pad on the Diablo X-Mate 1400 gaming desk you can squeeze even more satisfaction from each game. You can rest your hands on the edge of the desk very comfortably whereas the mouse glides smoothly and the original design evokes a lot of impression from the very first look. Here is the SoftPad Mate ™ gaming pad in Electric Yellow version.

Perfect setup method? A pad

If you are the lucky owner of our Electric Yellow Diablo X-One gaming chair, the gaming pad will complete your setup and make it as expressive and mesmerizing as possible. If you don’t own our chair, the desk mat will create a completely new character of your computer station. Our gaming pad allows you to create a truly unique setup. The yellow colour gives an expressive character and the deep black is after all the color of gaming, isn’t it?

The set also includes stickers for the desk legs allowing you to create something completely new - the Diablo X-Mate 1400 gaming desk in Electric Yellow version!

Desk mat - comfort of each game

The Diablo Chairs gaming pad perfectly fills the entire surface of the desk. Thanks to its smooth structure, you gain a soft support for your forearms and the ability to precisely move the mouse. It is necessary during your time spent on the computer. The waterproof structure also makes everyday use extremely comfortable in any situation. Our gaming pad is perfectly suited to the desk. It has precisely cut holes for cables and a special overlay ensuring that the Diablo Chairs desk mat does not slide on the table top. Not only are you waiting for a lot of additional emotions but also full comfort of each game.

Diablo Chairs Gaming Pad - features

Width: 140 cm

Length: 60 cm (+6 cm)