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Make a gift with Diablo Chairs

Diablo X-Player 2.0 Gaming Chair Frost White : Normal Size

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Here comes a gaming chair that provides you with a lot of extra impression from each game. Diablo X-Player in a completely new white and blue Frost White version is an indispensable equipment for a gaming setup because thanks to it every game will become even more exciting.
Massive silhouette, mesmerizing logos and pleasant upholstery makes our gaming chair fill your room or office with unique atmosphere. It provides irreplaceable support as it has been designed to protect posture against the negative effects of long sitting. Get the details!


In order to effectively take care of your posture and properly protect the spine along its entire length, we have equipped the X-Player with a soft lumbar pillow and a headrest. Thanks to their ergonomic shapes they support your spine and provide you with a safe and comfortable position at each backrest. You will avoid the effects of long sitting, especially pain or the formation or worsening of posture defects.


The massive silhouette of the X-Player is wrapped in durable EcoFiber ™ and Diablo Honeycomb ™ mesh with a breathable structure. These reliable fabrics guarantee the necessary air circulation. Their resistance to abrasion and damage is a guarantee that they will look great for many years. The side part of the seat and the back of the backrest are made of smooth HDS ™ eco-leather which is clearly presented in every gaming setup. Moreover, strong Nylon ™ LV3 stitching provides the upholstery with the right tension.
The materials are lined with a soft and resistant to deformation HR foam, thanks to which you
can gain a comfortable position and your gaming chair will remain free from deformations for many years.


With Armtech ™ Hybrid SoftTouch armrests you can obtain an even more comfortable position because you can adjust their position to your body shape in three dimensions. Thanks to the correct adjustment, you will gain the necessary comfort at each armrest, a stable position and ergonomic support for the wrists, forearms and shoulders.
Adjusting the height of the chair in relation to your figure and height is possible thanks to the Tilttech ™ Butterfly system. Proper positioning guarantees a comfortable position and facilitates a natural fit to the headrest and lumbar pillow.
Thanks to the Tilttech ™ Swing mechanism, you can experience the unique function of safe and relaxing rocking.The Tilttech ™ Gear system allows you to adjust the most comfortable angle of the backrest.


The strong and precisely combined materials that form the five-pointed base of the X-Player guarantee a firm and stable position even during intense movement. Moreover, the Air Damper ™ System lift mechanism will make you gain adequate cushioning, and thus even more comfort.
PFC ™ 360 casters provide the chair with mobility on any surface and thanks to their rubber cover, the floor will be perfectly protected against scratches.

A lot of delight, a lot of comfort and necessary safety for many years. Diablo X-Player in the Frost White version is a gaming chair making the gameplay unique like never before,. The interior of the room will gain a unique character, whereas your attitude - irreplaceable support.

More Information
EAN 5902560339161
SKU 1219
Color White-Blue
Type of armrests Armtech™ Hybrid 3D
Certificate BIFMA
Chair base Metal
Type of chair Gaming Chair
Features Tilttech™ Butterfly, Tilttech™ Swing, Tilttech™ Gear, Air Damper™ System
Footrest No
Headrest Yes
Lumbar Pillow Yes
Memory Foam Yes
Chair filling HR foam
Seat type Dual Layer™
Type of wheels PFC™ 360