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Gaming Chair Diablo X-One 2.0 Normal Size: black-green

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A reliable companion for every game. The Diablo X-One gaming chair will change everyday work and study in front of the computer screen and will provide endless gaming pleasure. An extensive package of innovations will make it easy to adjust it to your body which will effectively protect your spine and provide you with comfort and a safe stable position. E-learning, remote work or entertainment in front of a computer screen will become surprisingly comfortable and safe.

Ergonomic technical solutions have been combined by our creative designers with expressive Diablo styling. Dynamic construction, dark design and an intriguing combination of dark black and energetic green will give your gaming stand a completely new expression.


The Diablo X-One's sporty design is equipped with HDS ™ leatherette upholstery. This reliable high-quality material will surprise you with its exceptional abrasion resistance. We sew the upholstery with strong threads thanks to which the material is properly stretched. Your new gaming chair will keep its perfect appearance and will accompany you in your everyday competitions for many years.


Expressive design will amaze you at first sight! Massive silhouette, bucket structure, unique black with expressive green characteristic inserts that give the upholstery and the grille a fantastic character in the Diablo style. Take a close look at it and let yourself be surprised by the One Vision ™ Design style!

This unusual design hides a whole package of innovations that will ensure your comfort and safety. The highest quality of materials and components used is guaranteed by the BIFMA durability certificate. Your new gaming chair meets the highest standards so you can be sure that it will provide you with comfort and safety. Get to know it better!


Durable upholstery made of the 4th generation HDS ™ leatherette is lined with soft HR foam. Thanks to it, Diablo X-One guarantee you comfort even during long work or entertainment at your desk. The innovative lining means that even despite regular use, no dents or deformations will appear on the chair!


To provide your back with safety, we've equipped the Diablo X-One with an ergonomic pillow-shaped headrest filled with soft HR foam. Thanks to its shape and adjustability, it will support the cervical spine and will allow you to avoid the harmful tilting of the head. It will effectively protect you against the formation or worsening of posture defects.


The lumbar support is an irreplaceable support for your lower spine. The profiled shape will provide you with a position that will actively protect your spine from posture defects and will also be extremely comfortable. Filling with a soft HR foam makes the pillow easily adapt to your body which will provide you with additional comfort during gaming sessions, work or study in front of a computer screen.


In order to protect and stabilize the body even more effectively, it is necessary to properly support the forearms. Armtech ™ Vertical SoftTouch armrests provide adjustment in the up-down dimension, active support for the hands and wrists as well as a safe position. The upper of the armrests is filled with foam, making it extremely soft and comfortable.


Reliable body support is provided by the Tilttech ™ Butterfly height adjustment system. Appropriate setting of the seat to your height and the level of the desk is a guarantee of a safe position, which will allow you to adjust your body even better to the lumbar pillow and headrest. The system also allows for relaxing safe rocking due to the Tilttech ™ Swing mechanism, as the backrest can be folded up to 140 ° and locked at any point.


Reinforced construction and durable five-pointed base ensure safety and a stable position even during the most exciting games . PFC ™ 360 75 mm casters are equipped with rims. Their rubber cover makes the floor surface perfectly protected against scratching. A reliable class 4 lift provides excellent shock absorption thanks to the built-in Air Damper ™ System.

Here's the perfect combination. Choose a gaming chair that will protect your body thanks to reliable technical solutions and will provide you with unique experience and a lot of emotions during each game. Bet on the safety and comfort in this dynamic and revolutionary version.

More Information
Model X-ONE
EAN 5902560337082
SKU 872
Shipping time 48
Suggested height 150 - 180 cm
Color Black-Green
Type of armrests Armtech™ Vertical 1D
Certificate BIFMA
Chair base Synthetic
Type of chair Gaming Chair
Features Tilttech™ Butterfly, Tilttech™ Swing, Tilttech™ Gear, Air Damper™ System
Footrest No
Headrest Yes
Lumbar Pillow Yes
Memory Foam No
Chair filling HR foam
Seat type Comfort Layer™
Type of wheels PFC™ 360
Weight 25.000000
Maximum load max. 136 kg

Diablo Chairs products are delivered via courier service from our warehouse in Poland. NOTE! Accessories are shipped in a separate package.
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