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Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Ergonomic Chair DIABLO V-COMMANDER: black-black

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Diablo V-Commander black and black office chair

Here is a completely new model among our ergonomic office chairs - Diablo V-Commander. By combining the expressive design and carefully designed structure it becomes an irreplaceable companion in everyday work that will change the interior of each office in a spectacular way.


Elegant Diablo V-Commander office chair is a model that will perfectly complement any interior, both traditional and modern. Deep blackness of the slim silhouette will blend in with light and dark furniture. It's perfect combination of classic construction with avant-garde design will make every office, studio or home office undergo an extraordinary metamorphosis. A synergy of elegance and universal stylistic solutions diversify the space and give it an original character.


TheV-Commander office chair provides the necessary security and convenience in during the daily work at the desk. This unique model naturally determines the correct and comfortable position, stabilizes the figure and prevents the formation of acquired posture defects. It's all thanks to the package of ergonomic technical solutions and practical regulations.


  • The shape of the headrest and the two-piece BACKREST construction protects and supports the lumbar and cervical section of the spine, defining an ergonomic and comfortable position. It protects against the formation or worsening of posture defects and provides a lot of additional comfort.
  • Armrests Armtech™ Hybrid SoftTouch is a perfect support for forearms because they are covered with a soft foam. Their position can be adjusted to the figure in as many as three dimesnions, which will effectively relieve the hands and stabilize the figure.
  • The seat and backrest are made of a durable V-Mesh that ensures adequate air circulation and makes the Diablo V-Commander extremely resistant to damage.
  • PFC™ 360 rubber casters ensure smooth mobility on any surface and perfectly protect the floor against scratches.
  • The Air Damper™ System lifter mechanism guarantees the necessary cushioning. The Diablo V-Commander will follow every body movement, which means a lot of extra comfort.


The Tilttech™ Gear system is a series of adjustments that allow you to precisely adjust the chair to your body shape. Proper setting is a guarantee of health-promoting comfort during everyday work.


  • The seat has gained a unique adjustment function front-back and up-down. This allows you to precisely adjust the position to the figure, which guarantees additional comfort during everyday work.
  • The backrest with ergonomic BACKREST design can be tilted up to 140° and locked at any point. The Tilttech™ Gear system allows you to additionally adjust the height of the backrest itself.
  • The ergonomic headrest has a stand-alone height adjustment, thanks to which you can even more precisely adjust its position to the figure.

An office chair doesn't have to be boring! Diablo V-Commander is a distinctive original model, which will make your daily work not only more pleasant but also fully safe and ergonomic.