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Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Diablo Chair Like New - cleaning kit for fabric upholstery

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Diablo Chair Like New

Gaming chair care and cleaning set – 2 in 1

Take care of your gaming chair!

Cleaning your gaming chair allows you to enjoy its perfect appearance for a longer time. In order to take care of a textile chair, you need the EcoFiber ™ Resurrection Set - EcoFiber ™ Rez clean and care product which goes along with the Base Respawn plastic surface cleaner. It's 2 in 1!

The set helps you take care of the entire setup because it allows you to clean the upholstery of your gaming chair, as well as its base or armrests or even the mouse pad and the seat mat.

Set includes:

EcoFiber ™ Rez upholstery cleaner - 500ml

Base Respawn plastic surface cleaner - 500 ml


Soft microfiber cloth



EcoFiber ™ Rez is designed to clean EcoFiber ™ upholstery and Diablo Honeycomb ™ mesh, mouse pads and mats for Diablo Chairs gaming chairs. It safely and effectively penetrates deeply into the fibers reaching even the toughest dirt. Your gaming chair will look great!

Do you have our gaming desk? EcoFiber ™ Rez allows you to clean the Softpad Mate ™ perfectly. If you take care of your setup properly, gaming will become even more enjoyable.


Diablo Base Respawn is the thing you need to make your gaming chair present itself impeccably from the very core. It is used for cleaning and maintenance of structural elements made of plastic, such as the base or Armtech ™ armrests. It safely and effectively cleans surfaces, provides a satin finish and an antistatic cover while protecting the material from UV rays.

Indispensable element of the setup - a gaming chair

Your gaming chair can look great for many years. The Diablo Chair Like New helps you ensure that the entire computer workstation always makes a great impression. Our cleaning kit is a way to ensure that every element of the setup is perfect and the gaming chair looks brand new. The distinctive character of the gaming chair and desk will always be visible if you take care of them properly.

The cleaners do not contain hazardous solvents, allergens, dyes and methylisothiazolinone.

The products should always be kept out of the reach of children.