Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Swivel Chair Diablo X-One 2.0 Kids Size : Electric Yellow

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Black and yellow - two colors that give your child a lot of fun. Our new Diablo X-One swivel chair in the Electric Yellow version will spectacularly change a kid’s room and make the interior one of a kind - just like your child.
We focused on expressive style and massive structure but we have not forgotten about the ergonomic design. Diablo X-One is the perfect companion not only for entertainment but also for learning and doing homework. It will make your child sit comfortably, safely and steadily.


Our swivel chair is as ergonomic and adjusted to the child’s figure as any other gaming chair that supports the silhouettes of big players. It is thanks to innovative regulations - necessary to maintain a safe and comfortable position.
The reliable Tilttech™ Butterfly system allows you to adjust the height of the chair to the figure and height of the child and the level of the desk. The Tilttech™ Lift with the Air Damper™ System mechanism additionally guarantees excellent cushioning and comfort all the time.
The safe rocking function, guaranteed by the Tilttech™ Swing system gives the little ones a lot of fun. The backrest can be unfolded and locked at the desired point thanks to the Tilttech™ Gear mechanism.


The Armtech™ Vertical SoftTouch armrests are a soft and comfortable support for the forearms of small players. Their top is covered with a soft foam. Thanks to the proper adjustment of their height, your child will naturally assume a comfortable and stable position.


Our gaming chair for children has been equipped with two ergonomic backrest cushions, thanks to which the child will gain a safe and fully comfortable position. The soft headrest prevents harmful leaning into a bad position. The lumbar cushion defines the correct positioning of the lower spine. Such carefully designed back support along its entire length is an effective way to fight emerging or deepening posture defects.


Our kid’s gaming chair is made of the IVth generation HDS™ eco-leather. Not only does it look great in the yellow and black version but it is also extremely abrasion-resistant and durable. Moreover, strong nylon threads ensure proper tension of the eco-leather and a perfect look for years.
A comfortable position is essential when studying or doing homework. The soft HR foam provides the child with this. It fills our gaming chair to the brim. It is resistant to deformation, so it also guarantees years of perfect appearance for the entire chair.


The PFC™ 360 casters have a special rubber cover that protect the floor in the child’s room against scratches.
Electric Yellow is a version with which the X-One model is not only comfortable but also expressive and original. Provide your child with comfort, safety and a lot of additional emotions.