A sports beast

You hear the roar of engines. The numbers count down to the start. Red. Yellow, green. Lever, full gas, and you’re in the lead. You take every turn swiftly and with confidence. The speed and emotions press you against the chair but it firmly holds you with its grip. You don’t feel the passing kilometers or the hours spent in front of the computer. At last you reach the finish line, winning with a huge advantage over others. Thanks to the extremely well crafted and comfortable black-yellow gaming chair – the DIABLO X-ONE.

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“Under the hood” of this beast you will find a stable metal frame with a perfectly fitting high bucket backrest in flaming black-yellow colours. Under the seat we’ve included a remarkably strong gas lifting device and an extremely durable base. Combining these elements in the DIABLO X-ONE gaming chair will ensure you have maximum safety and reliability, even during most extreme sessions on the racetrack.

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We’ve equipped the DIABLO X-ONE gaming chair with features ensuring your comfort, perfectly fitting your needs, which you’ll appreciate with every passing hour.

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Chair dimensions

Total height
130 cm - 137 cm
Seat-pan height
47 cm- 54 cm
Backrest height
83 cm
Seat-pan dimensions
51 cm x 51 cm


The wild black-yellow upholstery of the DIABLO X-ONE defies contemporary design patterns. This model will stimulate your endorphins and is going to fuel your rides to even more extreme levels – you’ll last longer at full blast.

We’ve finished the chair with an elegant and pleasant to the touch high quality PU leather. All you need is to wipe it with a damp cloth and there will be no traces of stains and dirt left.

We’ve maximized the possibilities of adjusting the DIABLO X-ONE to your individual preferences. As any rally racecar seat, this chair also offers over a dozen positions in front of the keyboard or gamepad. The adjustable TILT mechanism with which you will set the height and inclination angle of the backrest guarantee that you won’t have to visit the pit-stop anytime soon.

Two soft, profiled pillows for the spine and neck will make your back stick perfectly to the chair, and ensure that your neck won’t get numb even after a long and exhausting ride.

We’ve done our best to select the right tires for this devilishly designer piece. DIABLO X-ONE stands on a set of five rubber wheels which can easily go through any obstacle on the floor or carpet. Moreover, they stick to slippery tiles, ensuring full control over every motion in the game and a confident handling of the chair.


Perfect support for your arms, loins, and knees. The Diablo X-One chairs have been designed to help keep correct posture during long gaming sessions. Tiredness is the last thing you would want to remember during a long ride, a mission, or an online match. The carefully crafted seat, armrests and backrest will allow you to enjoy the game for many hours.


DIABLO X-ONE perfectly combines energetic and stimulating design with a classic sense of comfort. In it, you will find the untamed pleasure of driving and a sense of absolute safety, that is why the DIABLO X-ONE gaming chair is your reliable partner, which will take you as far as possible.

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Opinions of our clients

  • Krzysztof Z., Wrocław

    Fotel X-One to świetny wybór dla każdego fana gier komputerowych. Świetny wygląd, niesamowita wygoda oraz jakość. Polecam każdemu!

  • Paweł J., Warszawa

    Kupiłem fotel X-Eye na przedsprzedaży i muszę przyznać, że bardzo miło się zaskoczyłem. Każdemu polecam fotel Diablo X-Eye!

  • Joanna K., Poznań

    Potwierdzam wygodę siedzenia na krześle gamingowym X-One. Siedzę na nim po kilkanaście godzin dziennie i zero bólu w plecach!

  • Xawery B., Berlin

    Great racing chair with ergonomic design and pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities. Diablo X-Player is great seat for playing PC games.