Black character

The heist is big and the job is dirty.  For a newbie from Los Santos this is the first gig.  If you pull it off, you will climb the mafia ladder.  If you mess it up, you are gone.  You know the price and you do not want to make a mistake.  You already know the Federal Reserve Bank like the back of your hand. You got a gun and some dynamite.  You’re ready.  It is a dark night.  Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your back – you were shot.  Who screwed up… whose fault is it?  This was your old chair and now you need a new 0ne – Diablo X-Gamer in black-and-white.

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Diablo X-Gamer in black-and-white has a solid character and, due to its solid construction, cannot be easily broken.  It suffices to take one look at the design, to know what you are dealing with: a solid bucket-seat, with extra support on each side.   Gaming chair DIABLO X-GAMER takes care of its own appearance and therefore it only dresses in avantgarde, high quality PU leather in black-and-white.  The chair quality is shown in its strong hydraulic lift and a durable frame.

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Chair dimensions

Total height
118 cm - 128 cm
Seat-pan height
43 cm- 53 cm
Backrest height
76 cm
Seat-pan dimensions
50 cm x 50 cm



Flair, comfort and unique design. These features distinguish DIABLO X-GAMER.  Robbing a bank in your old gaming chair feels like a youngsters’ game of cops and robbers.  Take a closer look and feel the difference.

Diablo X-Gamer is an ideally shaped bucket chair with strong back support and a wide seat-pan. Sitting in it you will feel like a boss of the legendary sicilian mafia.

Strong and durable white-and-black PU leather accentuates the chairs double and devilish personality.  The X-Gamer comes with an adjustable lumbar pillow.  By forcing you to hold the correct posture whilst gaming, it helps  shielding you from your arch enemy – back pain.

Cleverly designed TILT system will help you change your outlook on the next mission.  With sharp-shooter’s precision you’ll adjust this chair to fit you perfectly.  Even if you do not succeed robbing the bank, the chair swinging function will soothe your disappointment.  In the meantime, the chair will relax your shoulders, and the armrests and head support will cover you during even the most arduous tasks.  This chair will protect you against injuries.



Ideal support for your shoulders, lumbar spine and knees. Diablo X-Gamer chairs were designed to help you hold the right posture during long gaming sessions.  Tiredness is the last thing you want to think of during a long ride, the next mission or a marathon tournament.  The carefully designed seat cushion, armrests and back rest will allow you to enjoy a pain-free game for many hours at a time.


DIABLO X-GAMER is a chair for special missions.  Once it joins your gaming crew, you will know you’ve made a good choice.  It will kill the pain, it will defend you against tiredness and it will invite you back to the game over and over again.  Diablo X-Gamer truly is a perfect choice.

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Opinions of our clients

  • Krzysztof Z., Wrocław

    Fotel X-One to świetny wybór dla każdego fana gier komputerowych. Świetny wygląd, niesamowita wygoda oraz jakość. Polecam każdemu!

  • Paweł J., Warszawa

    Kupiłem fotel X-Eye na przedsprzedaży i muszę przyznać, że bardzo miło się zaskoczyłem. Każdemu polecam fotel Diablo X-Eye!

  • Joanna K., Poznań

    Potwierdzam wygodę siedzenia na krześle gamingowym X-One. Siedzę na nim po kilkanaście godzin dziennie i zero bólu w plecach!

  • Xawery B., Berlin

    Great racing chair with ergonomic design and pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities. Diablo X-Player is great seat for playing PC games.