A rebel without a cause

The vile world, drenched in the chaos of war is waiting for your help. You are its only hope. So you set out on a long and challenging journey to save people and other races. As a legendary monster and demon hunter you have the skills and power unavailable to mere mortals. They make it possible for you to face the Wild Hunt. This destructive cavalcade of hellish horsemen can turn a human settlement into embers in just a moment.

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Your back has also turned into embers after the last journey. A spine injury has successfully suppressed your will to play again. Therefore, before undertaking a following mission, equip yourself with the rebellious, black, green DIABLO X-GAMER gaming chair, which will defeat the pain and ensure you safety you have never felt before.

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The construction of the DIABLO X-GAMER defines its rebellious character. An armor made from a strong and durable HD eco-leather ensures resistance to hits, scratches, and stains. Its black-green colors sharpen the senses, so it will surely vivify not only you but also the design of your room. The soft & breathable MeshTech covering the seat, guarantees the correct air circulation and unique comfort. The broad headrest perfectly protects your neck and shoulders against numbness. The properly located armrests correctly hold the body, so you can protect yourself against bad posture and the attacks of demons in front of the computer.

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Chair dimensions

Total height
128 cm - 135 cm
Seat-pan height
47 cm- 54 cm
Backrest height
81 cm
Seat-pan dimensions
53 cm x 53 cm



It offers extraordinary reflexes, firmly sticks to the floor, and changes the definition of comfort. That’s the new DIABLO X-GAMER which strikes with its array of capabilities and amenities. Enter and feel the difference in the design and functionality offered by a gaming chair, created for those looking for extreme emotions.

The bucket backrest adjusts to your posture. Now you can sit in one position for hours and you won’t feel even a dash of discomfort. The lumbar pillow fits the back perfectly, that is why it significantly reduces muscle tension and allows the strained back to rest.

Thanks to the large air vents on the backrest, which cool the head and lower the heat of battle, you can take each hit with cold blood.

The practical TILT mechanism gives you almost unlimited possibilities to adjust the chair. Adjust it to your individual needs and take advantage of an even more comfortable position in front of the computer.

A grand and hard base with five rubber wheels proves that slippery floor tiles, a shaggy carpet, or a lacquered parquet are no match for the chair. DIABLO X-GAMER goes through every obstacle without leaving any scratches on the floor.


Perfect support for your arms, loins, and knees. The Diablo X-Gamer chairs have been designed to help keep correct posture during long gaming sessions. Tiredness is the last thing you would want to remember during a long ride, a mission, or an online match. The carefully crafted seat, armrests and backrest will allow you to enjoy the game for many hours.


The DIABLO X-GAMER gaming chair joins your journey. This professional slayer of boredom and tiredness is ready for new adventures. Together you are going to form a duo of legendary warriors, and by combining your strengths you will defeat the bloodthirsty forces of evil.

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Opinions of our clients

  • Krzysztof Z., Wrocław

    Fotel X-One to świetny wybór dla każdego fana gier komputerowych. Świetny wygląd, niesamowita wygoda oraz jakość. Polecam każdemu!

  • Paweł J., Warszawa

    Kupiłem fotel X-Eye na przedsprzedaży i muszę przyznać, że bardzo miło się zaskoczyłem. Każdemu polecam fotel Diablo X-Eye!

  • Joanna K., Poznań

    Potwierdzam wygodę siedzenia na krześle gamingowym X-One. Siedzę na nim po kilkanaście godzin dziennie i zero bólu w plecach!

  • Xawery B., Berlin

    Great racing chair with ergonomic design and pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities. Diablo X-Player is great seat for playing PC games.