An undefeated warrior

You are saving the vile and ruthless world from a monster invasion. A new mission always means a challenge, emotions, adrenaline, and sleepless nights. You want to be as good as Geralt at any cost. You bravely fight your tiredness, numb fingertips, and a pressure in the back, but they keep returning. It’s a sign that it’s about time to invest in yourself, and not your avatar.

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Start with changing your chair. The one you are playing on right now puts an unnecessary load on your back. So get rid of it like an unnecessary item and select the DIABLO X-EYE gaming chair. It’s a reliable weapon with which you will defeat the pain, maintain your focus, get rid of the unpleasant sensation of a numb neck once and for all.

Immediately you see that you are dealing with a true warrior. The construction of the DIABLO X-EYE gaming chair commands respect. A five pointed base firmly holds it on any surface. A fixed frame, strong, profiled sides, a powerful lifting mechanism and soft cushions protecting the spine – these are its characteristic features.

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Adjustable armrests, a movable headrest, and a characteristic bucket seat guarantee that you will return with your head high from any journey, easily carrying out attacks during fights.

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Chair dimensions

Total height
128 cm - 135 cm
Seat-pan height
47 cm- 54 cm
Backrest height
81 cm
Seat-pan dimensions
53 cm x 53 cm



It firmly stands on its legs, is durable and perfectly defeats pain. These are the most important advantages of the DIABLO X-EYE gaming chair. That is how you know you won’t feel the effects of a battle, even if the mission will last until the very dawn.

The multifunctional TILT system will defeat your tiredness with deadly precision. With just one motion you can go from an upright fighting position to one designed for your well deserved rest.

Two large air vents by the neck allow for airflow, so you can defeat any enemy with cold blood.

The black-gray PU leather upholstery acts like an armor. Protects perfectly against scratches, and masks dust. No stain poses a threat.

The wheels stick to the floor, because they are made out of rubber. Thanks to this DIABLO X-EYE impresses with its stability. It will run smoothly on every surface.


Perfect support for your arms, loins, and knees. The Diablo X-Eye chairs have been designed to help keep correct posture during long gaming sessions. Tiredness is the last thing you would want to remember during a long ride, a mission, or an online match. The carefully crafted seat, armrests and backrest will allow you to enjoy the game for many hours.


The DIABLO X-EYE gaming chair is your ally on the battlefield when fighting for a free world. It supports you even in the most difficult moments. Together, you form a great duo.

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Opinions of our clients

  • Krzysztof Z., Wrocław

    Fotel X-One to świetny wybór dla każdego fana gier komputerowych. Świetny wygląd, niesamowita wygoda oraz jakość. Polecam każdemu!

  • Paweł J., Warszawa

    Kupiłem fotel X-Eye na przedsprzedaży i muszę przyznać, że bardzo miło się zaskoczyłem. Każdemu polecam fotel Diablo X-Eye!

  • Joanna K., Poznań

    Potwierdzam wygodę siedzenia na krześle gamingowym X-One. Siedzę na nim po kilkanaście godzin dziennie i zero bólu w plecach!

  • Xawery B., Berlin

    Great racing chair with ergonomic design and pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities. Diablo X-Player is great seat for playing PC games.