Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Feel the Spring Vibes! Sale up to 40% 

Kid's Chair Diablo X-Ray Kids Size: black-red

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The first desk chair for children up to 150 cm of height
Children love it and parents appreciate ergonomics!

Predatory in every way. Its muscular silhouette makes a strong impression, as the sporty black and red upholstery made of airy HDS ™ Air leatherette is filled with emotions. The spectacular Diablo effect is complemented by embroidered logos in a snow-white version.

This is what our chair for a children's desk looks like. It enchants at first sight and turns an ordinary room into the perfect place to study!

A whole set of ergonomic benefits

Children's swivel chair Diablo X-Ray is the first model on the market with a perfectly adapted construction and dimensions for children under 150 cm of height! It is thanks to this that it provides the youngest with unique comfort, protects the spine even more effectively and reduces the risk of acquiring spine defects.

We took care of the smallest detail:

RayVision ™ Design

We double the impression
Now the Diablo children's chair impresses with its powerful muscles at the front and rear. Thanks to the reinforcement of the back, the chair is more massive and thus makes an even greater impression! Let it change the interior of your child's room.

Flexible HR foam

Even more comfort!
The backrest and seat of our children's swivel chair are made of soft HR foam. Due to that the Diablo X-Ray model is so extremely comfortable. Additionally, the Dual Layer ™ seat is filled with a double layer of foam, which provides the little ones with even more comfort!

Leatherette airy upholstery

Upholstery made of abrasion-resistant and pleasant to the touch HDS ™ leatherette and airy HDS ™ Air retain its elasticity and appropriate tension for many years thanks to Nylon ™ LV3 stitching. The perforated material makes the upholstery effective against overheating of the back even on hot days.

Headrest and lumbar pillow

Head and back support
The headrest and lumbar pillow support the cervical and lower spine. They protect against tilting the head and moving the back forward, which effectively reduces the risk of postural defects and protects against back pain, especially during long sitting at the desk.

The headrest and lumbar pillow are filled with resilient Memory foam, which adapts to the shape of the body and the force of its pressure. Thanks to this, Diablo X-Ray will perfectly protect your child's posture and provide a lot of comfort for your child!

Adjustable seat with Tilttech ™ Butterfly

Perfectly matched
The wide seat can be easily adjusted to the height of your child and the level of the desk thanks to the Tilttech ™ Butterfly system. This will provide the kid with additional comfort and will facilitate adaptation to the ergonomic position determined by the headrest and lumbar pillow.

In addition, the Tilttech ™ Swing mechanism allows for pleasant and safe rocking, as the Tilttech function ™ Gear allows you to recline the backrest. Such comfort is waiting for your kid only with Diablo X-Ray.

™ Crossover SoftTouch

Rest for the forearms, relief for the shoulders
Reinforced Armtech ™ Crossover SoftTouch armrests adjustable in two levels provide soft and solid support for the forearms. At the same time, they relieve the shoulders and help stabilize the figure. The adjustment allows you to quickly adjust the armrests to the height of the desk and ensure the recommended 90 ° bend of the arms. The upper of the armrests is filled with foam, so they are extremely comfortable.

Five-pointed base

A solid structure is ... the base
The stylish, five-pointed base of our children's chair ensures the stability of the entire structure, and even greater safety for little players. A solid class 4 lifter provides excellent shock absorption thanks to the built-in Air Damper ™ System. Diablo X-Ray works perfectly with the natural movements of children.

PFC™360 rubber casters with Lock&Go function

Scratch-free floor
Great floor protection? That's it! The floor will remain safe because the rubber casters will protect it from scratches. The Lock&Go function provides safety for the little players as it allows to lock and unlock the caster very quickly. Thanks to this, it will protect your kid from falling and changing the sitting position to the wrong one.

Two-year warranty

Be sure of the best choice
High quality is confirmed by a two-year warranty and positive feedback from parents.

Choose the only gaming desk chair for children on the market.
Time for an ergonomic revolution with Diablo X-Ray.